Follow the Rocky Gray Path

We’re off to see the Waterfall
the amazing waterfall of Canada.
We hear it is a waterfall among waterfalls
If ever a waterfall there was.

If ever, oh ever, a waterfall there was,
the waterfall of Canada is one because,
because, because, because, because, because-
because of the wonderful water it drops.

We’re off to see the waterfall,
the wonderful waterfall of Canada!

Fellow lemonade drinkers! Ladies and gentlemen! Fellow Percy Jackson and Sherlock and Dr. Who and sort of Harry Potter enthusiasts! I have great news!

Actually, I don’t. It was still a good hook, though, right? Right……? Moving on. We went on that hike today, and yes, it was fun. At the end of the trail there was this epic waterfall. The water was so clear…just give me a moment to get the pictures up….


Here they are:

Me standing on a (tall) rock on the trail.


River shot my mom took.



This waterfall was beautiful. The water was super clear and actually blue- not ocean blue, as I’m sure you’ve all seen, but tropical paradise blue/greenish. It was beautiful..and not just because of the water. There were rocks everywhere that I got to climb over…

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Mountains behind the lake and lake…and bear trap. No, no bears, but a few sausages inside. My brother said he was craving a hot dog…

18666755933_85d35ae810_z Picnic table picture my brother took and edited- in’t gorgeous?

That’s all you’re getting for pictures for today (I hope you’re satisfied). Tomorrow..I’m not sure what we’re doing but hey, an adventure is venturing into the unknown right? Even if the “unknown” is not knowing what you’re going to do tomorrow.

Got to go, it’s 11:15 here and 2:15 am in Eastern time and I’m tired. Keep calm, drink lemonade, keep away from bears, crave adventure, and watch the Wizard of Oz. Bye-


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