About Daniela..

And laaaaaaaadies and geeentlemen, weeelcome to Daniela’s incredibly lame about me page!!


That’s my welcome mat. You can go ahead and wipe off your feet on it. Yeah. Like th- no, not like- yeah. Thanks. Thanks..for…that. Moving on.

Me: Uh..err, I like lots of stuff.

(Yeah, genius thing to say, Daniela

My name is Daniela…

(oh, that too. Definitely.)

I am a Sherlockian… “I will burn the heart out of you” -Moriarty. And I’m a Whovian. And that bottom picture is completely gorgeous. I adore it. Fish fingers and custard!!



So a rule for when you’re around me: don’t insult the fandoms, which also include Harry Potter (Potterheads!) and Percy Jackson (go demigods!) and Divergent fandom sort of not really because


So now you know. And now you also know:

  • I’m a Pisces.
  • My favorite color is green
  • I like rollerblading and tennis and running
  • I think writing is awesome most of the time
  • I am dreaming of the day when a handsome stranger, upon my asking who he is, replies:


That’s all.

2 thoughts on “About Daniela..

  1. Daniela's Dad

    Okay Daniela, I have a confession to make — not only am I your Father, but I am also The Doctor! Sorry I have kept this secret from you all this time but I think you have grown into a beautiful human being and it is time for you to know the truth.

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