Maryland- Day 3

Sup It’s Steph! So I should have done this last night but kinda slacked. Flipping through channels and looking for a movie, but I ended up watching a DVD on a laptop. So… I woke up! Please, please, don’t have a heart attack! Anywho, then we ate breakfast and 2 minutes left supposedly of the Breakfast when I walked over but it didn’t actually end for a while, so that’s good. We took the metro (which was cool) to the Arlington National Cemetary,(in D.C),which I have pics of. We visited my grandpa’s grave, well not like an actual cuz he was cremated so he’s in a whole other area. It was cool cuz people had dif symbols for their religion. When we finished, we we took the metro to this Station a place with food and shops, and ate. Then we took the metro back to the beginning of the line, and drove back to the hotel. And there I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. So ya. And now some pics, just kidding it won’t let me but pics soon to come! See ya later, dudes!
-Steph 💜 (dreamergirl123)

2 thoughts on “Maryland- Day 3

  1. Daniela's Dad

    D.C. is cool. We’ve been there a few times and also like riding the metro. We want to see some pictures!

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