Birthdays & Civil War (the movie)

Hey guys it’s Steph! So, I am here to write. Well, type. You know what I mean, right? Anyway, Friday was my birthday! (It’s Monday.) I had fun hanging out with friends and stuff. And there was this delicious banana split ice cream cake! Mmm… but don’t worry I won’t torture you any longer. I had a birthday. It was pretty good. And now I’m 13. OH MY GOSH! Sorry, I just realized there’s something GREAT I want to talk about. Civil War. No, ladies and gentlemen, this is no 1492 Christopher Columbus history lesson (inaccurate, I know). This is…
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. If you can’t tell or just didn’t know, I am a Marvel fan. It started with the Avengers and… well maybe more on that later. Anywho… were was I? Ah, yes…
…CIVIL WAR. This is a movie that will drastically change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. In fact, it has already changed the comic book Marvel Universe because they came up with this idea long ago. Also, in case you’re wondering, I’m not a comic book person, at least for now. So, if you don’t know and/or sadly haven’t seen the trailer, this is about a war between the teams of Captain America and Iron Man, where Tony is for the government tracking and keeping tabs on superheroes and stuff, and Steve is against it. The teams are, as follows: (Sorry, I had to google it to be sure)
Team Cap: Hawkeye, Agent 13/Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky (Barnes), Ant-Man, and Scarlet Witch
Team Stark: War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision, and Spider-Man
Those are, of course, not including the two guys themselves, but you get the picture. The whole idea of superheroes working together- thrown into chaos. Now, I love both Cap and Stark, but I have to say I think I’m on Cap’s side for the reasoning in this one. There are a lot of times you can’t forget when the government has turned on them. I mean, HELLO? Hail Hydra? Remember that? I love Tony, though. I mean, it’s hard not to, with his kind of personality. And the scene in the movie trailer where Cap and Bucky are throwing the shield through Stark, well, I DIE. Seriously, though, think about Pepper, and so many other people that love these guys as family and friends… OH MY GOSH THIS IS GONNA BE DISASTROUS! Anyway, I think I’ve ranted for long enough and I could talk about this all day, not to mention I just realized how bad this is gonna be.
Well, see ya later (guys? peeps? I just realized how bad ‘dudes’ sounds)!
-Steph <3

One thought on “Birthdays & Civil War (the movie)

  1. Daniela Paris

    Well, I finally got around to reading this. YOU’RE SO LUCKY YOU GOT TO WATCH IT!!!! Yeah, I’m on Team Cap too. You had to explain it to me tho..
    I really dunno when Imma watch it. Soon.

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