Maryland- Day 4

Sup! It”s Steph and yesterday was the last day of our Maryland trip. No, no, please, don’t cry. Don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy because it happened. (the quote is something like that) Anywho, we had fun at Kings’ Dominion- a theme park & water park. Oh, sorry, I can’t forget the amazing awesomeness of me waking up and eating! Yep, a whole and healthy meal of a small container (like ketchup or condiment size) of mango sorbet (it was soo good) and 4 or 5 apple slices with peanut butter! And now you can all give yourselves a pat on the back for experiencing my sarcasm! Anywho, ( I really like that word) I woke up after 9:30 so I couldn’t get breakfast in the cafe place (the sorbet is better anyway) so eventually I got up and packed cuz we needed to leave. We left the hotel around 11:30, so we got to the amusement park around 1:30 (at least I think). Now, I’m going to tell you guys about all the things we did cuz their weren’t really so many. First, we took pictures of the world’s largest hot dog and then we pet the world’s smallest elephant. Nah, I’m just messing with ya again. So, once we got through the entrance way with all the scanners and such, well, we looked at a map. Very exciting. This is what it looks like though.
map kings dominion
Anyway, first my brother and sister went on one of those super tall towers that takes you up and then drops really fast. Meanwhile, My mom, dad, and I went on this ride called the bad apple and it’s one where there are three parts coming from one pole that spin and each cart in each part spins individually a bit off the ground. But it was fun. Then we went to get food. We ate at this place (I know, very descriptive. I don’t remember the name, ok?) and I got chicken with fries and a Fruit Water. Then we went on a carousel or merry-go-round, which ever you wanna call it. After that we did bumper cars. We did both those things at that time cuz no one wants to puke while riding a roller coaster. Gross. Then my brother, sister, and I went on this roller coaster called Back Stunt Coaster or something. It wasn’t a huge roller coaster that drops straight down (I can’t do that) but it was fun and pretty fast. There was even a part where you went inside like through a tunnel and it was dark. I probably should have taken pics of each thing we did but I didn’t so sorry. So then we went to a roller coaster called “The Volcano”, and the wait was pretty long. Finally, we got down to the loading, line-up area where you get on. It’s one of those roller coasters where your feet hang down. It also goes through the volcano and it twists so you’re upside down (quickly) a couple times. After we got off, (it was fun) we went on another roller coaster, one inside a building. It’s called “Flight of Fear” and it’s about area 51 and aliens. The actual roller coaster is just in the dark but it’s fun. That’s all for the ‘land’ rides because then we changed into swim suits. First, I had to wait. Yep, best description ever! But I don’t really need to talk about that, so let’s move on… We, as in my bro, my sis, and I, went on some water slides. I don’t remember the name for that group of em, but there were four and I went on one. That was because of the wait I had earlier. Then we went down this other white water slide in a tube (single, one at a time) that was more mild than the other slides before. After that my brother and sister each went down a slide (out of 3) where you walk into this caselike thing and someone who works it pushes a button to close it. Then they push another button and the see-through floor falls from your feet. I chickened out. Then we did a thing with this big raft (the three of us) down a wide water slide. After that, my bro and I went back to the drop-you-almost-straight-down slides and this time I did it. It was fun and fast, and the only kind of scary part is when one moment your standing there and then you drop. That’s mostly it. We headed out and got food at Crackle Barrel, outside the park. Finally, we drove home and I went to sleep at 1 something in the morning. That’s why I didn’t do this yesterday. And it’s kinda late tonight but whatever. I have a couple pics to show you.

image (4)
this is the 1st picture of their signature blue green Eiffel Tower

this is the next one with the nice clouds in the background

image (1)
this is the last picture of the tower, with the nice sign and beautiful flowers

image (2)
this is a super cool earthy clock, that actually works but I didn’t know until we saw it again

image (3)
notice how the hands are at diffferent times cuz that’s what it looked like on our way out
That’s all for the Maryland trip. Wrappin it up. See ya later dudes!
-Steph <3 (dreamergirl123)

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