I’m BAAAHCKK! (Hope that’s not too creepy)

Hey guys It’s Steph! And yes, I AM alive! (This is to anyone alive actually reading this, so if you’re not alive and you’re reading this, you should get that looked at.) I will admit, there have been many a times (is that right?) that I have forgotten about the blog, maybe not even remembered it existed! Yes, yes I am ashamed, how sad it tis that thou hast forgeteth of thee of combs thy hair! And that didn’t make much sense… But now bringing it back to cress… (And THANK YOU to anyone who got that reference I love ya! <3) Anywho. It is April, speaking of which my birthday is in a couple weeks so yay me! Wooooo… ok. I don’t know what to talk about. Daniela (cough, cough) and I have this thing that we should TOTALLY do so real or robot readers (ooo i like that) stay tuned for that. Anyways, I’ve buzzing out guys. Bee sure to… (thank you to anyone who got that reference) ya, that’s not me. That’s all. Also, HOLLY. Ok now that you’re completely confused, see ya later dude!

One thought on “I’m BAAAHCKK! (Hope that’s not too creepy)

  1. Daniela Paris

    yes yes and yas i didn’t know you read lunar chronicles? or did you mean the band? and what thing were we talking about? AND THANK GOD i thought you were stuck in a traffic jam or something

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