Wow, okay, so…

Christmas is over. And I’m just sitting here wondering

because it seems like three minutes ago it was Christmas morning and I was lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, waiting for everyone to wake up.

So…So. Now, three minutes later, it’s the 27th, and I want to go bowling. Stephie, Kat, and I wanted to go over the summer (you know, last summer, not the next) but I don’t remember if we ever did. Stephanie brought it up and now the idea’s back in my head.

Oh, I finally got an Instagram!! YAY! And my brother’s playing a teen rated game on an XBOX but, you know, it’s cool (no seriously, it actually looks awesome and the graphics are great). Everything’s cool. Life is good and stuff.

What should I talk about, hmm…..Injustices of the world? No….Rambling on and on about Sherlock? No…erm…we’ve got midterms soon!


And that 14 page math packet! Gee whillikers, lookit that! Homework! Over Christmas break! Get ready, adult/teen homework-over-Christmas-break-world, here I come!…coughcough….just….forget I said that. Anyway, I have a rap for you:

to the tune of that video Mrs.Nations showed us in 4th grade

Social Studies! Religion! Math! Science! LA!

Yeah these are the five subject that we’re gonna be needin’

to study and ace

the midterms in January

Okay, I’ll leave on a high note:

sing in super high voice to the tune of Ariana Grande’s “Focus On Me”

Fooocuus on meeeeeEEEEEeEeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee

Keep Calm, Drink lemonade, have fun with life, study for midterms, don’t fail, bye-


One thought on “Wow, okay, so…

  1. Stephanie

    Lol that rap is amazing! 10 out of 10 would sing it again. Also, yes we need to go bowling! And YOU GOT AN INSTAGRAM! 🙂

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