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conjunction junction, what’s your function?

Just kidding. I meant to say procrastination, what’s your function?

That sounds so lame, I know. But I couldn’t think of anything else to start this blog post with. Which is rare for me. Actually, maybe not, because the reason I haven’t written a blog post in three months is because I couldn’t come up with something to start with. Steph can attest to that- I have two drafts titled “auuuuuuuughhowiuniocvnqion” and “AAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH.”

So, there’s a slight possibility that you’re wondering why I named this post “Enter Title Here.” To be honest,Image result for I dunno memeI dunno.

Normally before I put in the title, the words in the bar where I’m supposed to type it in say “Enter Title Here” so I kinda just decided to go with it dudes. So totally pumped! Cowabunga dudettes! (Applause to whoever can figure out where that’s from. HINT HINT HINT)


Anyway, gotta get to the main point of my post before the ranting gets too bad:

Procrastination is stupid. Seriously, I have 44 days to finish my novel and that is NOWHERE NEAR enough time (and yes, I did just discover that bolding text is a thing, thank you). So if you’re reading PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read it and tell me what I did wrong.

This isn’t a OMG MY LIFE IS SO HARD pity post, by the way. Or I hope it isn’t. So I’m just gon switch the subject real quick tooooooo…..

*cue cheesy theme song*How many days tiiiillllllllll
Summerrrrr!!!!!!! 🙂
16. And here’s a countdown timer that I coded all by myself, just for you: (yeah, right)
Thinking about starting a personal blog. What you think?
-Bye OHMYGOD i FORGOT HOW TO CLOSE MY POSTS drink lemonade, countdown, blame the sun,
ps- if you’re wondering about the featured image, I ain’t got a clue

One thought on “Enter Title Here

  1. Stephanie

    Yeah, I am a bad procrastinator. About school and stuff, I mean. Also, I might start a solo blog, too. I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m copying you or anything because I’m not. Wow, that made my case worse. Anyway… Thanks for finally posting.

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