Hey guys it’s Steph! Obviously from the title, you can see that I’m VERY excited about Christmas and really surprised. Like, how is Christmas tomorrow? Is this real life? Am I dreaming? Pinch me!

Huh? What happened? I just woke up… which means I was dreaming. Yep, my iPod touch says that today is October 24th.

Anyway, enough with the role play! Tomorrow is Christmas, even though I can’t believe it! Much excitement, such joy! Hmmm…. Let’s see…
kawaii christmas
Ok, now I have to change my background to that!
merry christmas kawaii
Kawaii Christmas! <3
charlie brown christmas
Charlie Brown!
christmas santa
Hehe… you go Santa!
christmas tree
This is just a funny and cheesy one I found.
christmas funny snoopy
Here’s another charlie brown one but this time it’s funny. And the last gif…
christmas 'make it rain'
Hehehe! I really hope these gifs work because otherwise it’s will just be some pictures. Now I’m probably gonna play some Christmas games, watch some Christmas movies, ready some Chrostmass things, you get the gist. Thanks for reading! See ya later dudes!
Merry Christmas!
-Steph <3 🙂

One thought on “Christmas-TOMORROW!

  1. Daniela Paris

    aww! these pics! SO AWESOME! santa is so cool! o and 2 make gifs work i think you have to have the two tabs open side by side: lemonade and files. then u drag the gif from your file or whatever into the post

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