I Was Here

The trip wasn’t that bad. I’m still alive.

I think. For all I know I’m a walking dead person and no one has noticed yet. We can only hope for now.

We took some really good pictures. Here they are, yesterday and a few from today (here’s to yesterday and today; and to the future of mankind!)


I was here. I don’t remember where exactly, but I was here. And there.





The link is a video of my brother pretending to be a pigeon for no reason at all (I spelled pigeon wrong). Watch it, it was pretty funny. Aaaaaaand, ladies and gentlemen…the pictures of today….actually shown today! I figured it out!





The next to last one…it was a deal I made with my bro. It went more or less like this:

“I don’t want you to tie my hair in a ponytail!” (Andres((my brother)))

“Then I go first on the computer when we get home.” (‘home’ being my great aunt’s house)

“But it’s my turn!” (Andres)

“No, it’s not. I got, like 5 minutes before we had to leave this morning.” (me)

“I have an idea. I let you tie my hair into a ponytail and I get the computer first.” (Andres)

“You have to wear it until you finish your turn and let me take a picture.” (me)


It looks so cute on him, right? Anywho.. (gotta steal that from you Steph, it’s a great word) most of today’s pics were taken in Vancouver. I told you about that last post, right?


…whatever. Funny cat pictures aside, tomorrow we’re probably hiking (my mom’s strong point, aside from her awesome food and amazing ability to detect lies) in the mountains. Yes, Canada has lots. I bet you knew that.

I didn’t. See, I need to get out more. My mom’s friend is going to Iceland with her husband and kids, apparently. Lucky them, right? Iceland’s beautiful, take a look.


Well? What are you waiting for? *listens intently for a few seconds* What, you think I’m gonna get the pic for you? No way! Go get it yourself, give those fingers some (very little) exercise!


Oh, you’re still there? Right, I *suppose* you just got back from your search for Iceland pictures. Beautiful, right? I’ll just end my post


Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Exercise your fingers. Bye-

(still fuming) Daniela.  😉

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