Maryland- Day 2

Sup guys it’s Steph! So… Technically today is Day 3 but we got back to our hotel late last night so I couldn’t post so here I am. So yesterday, I woke up and ate breakfast. Exciting, right? Oh and the hotel breakfast goes to 10am because it was a Saturday! Wooo! Then, oh we packed up from that hotel and left it. We went to a world war 2 memorial which was pretty cool I have some pics of it. After eating some good PB&J, we went to the Naval Academy for a tour. But, of course, it was super rainy, like pouring and wind blowing. So we got soaked pretty much from walking from building to building. But I learned some stuff. They have a HUGE pool that’s 500 meters long and 8 feet deep! Also there’s this super tall high dive tower thing. They have a sports hall of fame and a chapel that has 5 or 6 weddings an hour on Saturdays! I got the best souvenir ever- 2 pencils! Lol also they have a small Washington Monument that they put a cap on the top of on graduation day and the monument is covered with grease and the grass around the statue is turned to mud. Then the people try to climb to the top! Here are some pics-

USNA pic

image (1)

More pics to come soon! We chilled I’m hotel for a while then later went to dinner at mi moms college friend’s house and played pool with the other kids or non adults as I said earlier got back late. Then I slept. Basically. Got to go!
See ya later,dudes!
-Steph 💜 (dreamergirl123)

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