LIFE (lol)

hey guys it’s steph! I almost forgot how I start my posts GASP. that is how i start, right? Anywho, haven’t posted in ages but just life, ok? just LIFE! and that’s actually not why i named this post ‘LIFE (lol)’ but it works so were just gonna pretend i meant to do that… I just read daniela’s post (dip that was very random indeed) and ya. Oh, i know! As daniel knows, I got a new Ipod touch it’s a 5 generation cuz my old one was soo bad and broken on screen (cough, cough, daniela’s fault;totally NOT my fault) but yup its all cool cuz i got apps like crossy road, instagram, and netflix now! Apple is awesome btw even tho its expensive. hmm i dont remember what i was gonna say… hmm… so like if you are perhaps a person who follows me on instagram, you would know that im redoing my room cuz its been pink and had a flowery wallpaper border ther for 11 yrs, when it was my sister’s room and i was tiny. YAY FINALLY! yesterday we finished getting the horrible flowery wallpaper border off so woo and like an hour ago we got sample paint cans, a white one and a like green teal blue thing. but yA.
and now i will continue the strange story-

Stephanie: Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was very special and magical. Extraordinary. She had amazing powers, unlike no other. Or so she thought.

Daniela: One very dreary day, this girl was sulking around her house. She was home alone, you see, so she couldn’t go outside to play in the rain (it was something she very much liked to do). When she was asking herself whether to watch TV or eat a snack, the doorbell rang. Going against everything she had been taught by her overprotective parents, she opened it. At the bottom of the steps in front of her house stood a very old-looking cow, a flower planted in a shoe, and a very big package, about the size of a small sofa.

Stephanie: She just stared at it in utter (heh cows) confusion and yet amazement. The cow walked in through the door past her, so she picked up the flower in a shoe and hauled in the huge package. The girl assumed the flower in a shoe was a gift, so she looked left and right outside, but seeing no one, closed the door and set it a side. She wished to express her thanks for her odd gift, but there was still the package and an old cow. She stared at the old cow which looked her straight in the eye and said ‘Moo’, just like a little kid would imitate a cow using that sound. But now her full attention was on the package and she started to peel off the tape.

k now it’s daniela’s turn to continue it! and now a picture of a puppy:
That’s all for now cuz I gotta go color pictures for homework, ya that sounds weird put it’s for a project, so I can watch the premiere of season 5? of Once Upon A Time! WOO!
See ya later dudes!
-Steph <3
Meant to post yesterday

One thought on “LIFE (lol)

  1. Daniela Paris

    woah, so much in this post, like SO MUCH. it’s like a whole 3 posts in my style of info all into one post and my mind is, like, bursting at the seams. ooh, that sounds good for a metaphor in a book, only I’m not sure if it’s been used yet, has it been used yet?
    Aaaanyway. *deep breath*
    yay I’m so happy 4 you cuz you got instagram and you have a new ipod yay! And it is so not my fault it broke i was on the other. side. of. the. house. or upstairs, or getting my shoes or something.
    and I didn’t know you were redoing your room! Weeeellll…on second thought, you might have mentioned it once. Or twice. But still, it came as kind of a surprise. Awesome, though, and kind of sad. Remember the butterflies I used to have and on my used to be yellow, now white walls? 🙁
    Oh, awesome strange story. I simply have to make a cover of this post for you, can I? Then I can finally put your post into the featured slider on the main page. Reply to that sentence in your reply comment, PLEASE!
    And now, the end of my awf’lly long comment.

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