Makeup experiments and Posting from the Apple Store

Know where I’m posting from?

I’m posting from a computer in the apple store at Southpoint. Hope it’s allowed- I think once I shut the computer, all the data stored from this one visit is deleted, like videos and sites visited and emails sent, you know. I wonder if I can send email from here….

Anyway, I’m doing an experiment right now. I came to the mall wearing a whole lot of eyeliner and I’m testing to see what people think of me (cough cough, boys).


I’m also just testing out this macbook. So cool. But I dunno, I’m starting to think that my computer is better, I’m not used to this keyboard. Strange. Still with apple for the phones, though. I don’t get android phones and everything Apple is so…clean and smooth, you know? I adore apple. Except for the prices. 50 bucks for a shuffle when you can get perfectly awesome music players with radio and more storage space for 20? God.

Whatever. Forget about the apple droning. Oh, and I  was kidding about the boy experiment thing, Steph, don’t worry. Not completely boy crazy yet. But I did go crazy with the eyeliner. No one staring, so I guess it must be normal for 12 year old girls to walk around malls looking like a makeup booth exploded on their faces.

Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Daniela signing out-

Bye (ooh, did a different order today. Someone’s feeling rebellious.)

2 thoughts on “Makeup experiments and Posting from the Apple Store

  1. Daniela Paris Post author

    Sorry, that link may not work. I don’t know how to right click to save pics on a mac anymore. They changed something and thats not good. OH and steph cld u do the next episode of A Very Strange Story? Pleeeez?

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