Ahh, memories.

So, guys, this is the last summer post. Do you like the collage? Signed, yours truly, Dip. What I accomplished this summer:

  • Went to Canada for the first time (it doesn’t count if you were so little the first time that you can’t remember)
  • Visited Seattle
  • Walked over a suspended bridge
  • Managed to do half the stuff on The List
  • Managed to evade half the stuff on The List
  • Did a bunch of other stuff that I really do not care to mention

That’s pretty much it. Hopefully next summer’ll have more on the list. Now for a cute video of my brother pretending to be a pigeon:

lupi as a pigeon

and this cool fireworks video that for some reason I really like and Stephanie never posted: (or maybe she did?)


Until next year, summer. We’ll miss you. Although I’m excited for fall. And Halloween. Halloween is the best.

bye summerKeep calm. Drink lemonade (and apple cider). Bye-

(sneezing and sniffling as I write this) Daniela

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