A Very Strange Story- part 2


If you read Stephanie’s last post, then you know that she has decided to start a strange story. Every post about the Strange Story (I’ll just be calling it AVSS) will be five sentences of story, and then the next person continues. Let’s see how it turns out:

Stephanie: Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was very special and magicial. Extraordinary. She had amazing powers, unlike no other. Or so she thought.

Daniela: One very dreary day, this girl was sulking around her house. She was home alone, you see, so she couldn’t go outside to play in the rain (it was something she very much liked to do). When she was asking herself whether to watch TV or eat a snack, the doorbell rang. Going against everything she had been taught by her overprotective parents, she opened it. At the bottom of the steps in front of her house stood a very old-looking cow, a flower planted in a shoe, and a very big package, about the size of a small sofa.



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