The Signs in Prison

So this part in quotations is not by me but it’s good so I decided to post it:
“The signs in prison
Aries: the one who can’t stay in their cell for 5 minutes without needing to take a walk
Taurus: head chef, everyone thinks they’re in charge
Gemini: the one who smuggles in all the goods
Cancer: the one who makes friends with the guards to get random stuff off them like gum
Leo: the one who asks Gemini to smuggle in their beauty products
Virgo: the one who arranges all the activities and coordinates with who’s doing what and when
Libra: the one who’s best friends with everyone and runs the gossip mill
Scorpio: the scary looking one who actually isn’t scary just looks tough but really wants to be everyone’s BFF
Sagittarius: if you’re rude to them they will get Taurus to stop serving you food for a week
Capricorn: tough cookie, probably sleeps with a knife under their pillow
Aquarius: already knows how to get out- escaped prison so many times already. 12 times the charm
Pisces: the one who secretly runs everything”
And guess who I am? (hint hint Pisces.)
Yes, it’s true. I my secret has been discovered. I secretly run the world from my computer. I lie a lot and you know those times when I smile or laugh for no reason at all? It’s so fun to rule the world. Even more so when no one knows. *laughs and smiles for no apparent reason*
Good luck to you all. By the time you even figure out my plan I will be on a spaceship heading to Mars.
Keep calm (actually no, panic). Drink lemonade. Bye- (forever! Vwahaha!)
escaping from this soon-to-explode-from-unnatural-causes-planet, Daniela

2 thoughts on “The Signs in Prison

    1. Daniela Paris Post author

      which one r u, Stephanie? *smiles a menacing smile* Not that it will matter in a few hours when this planet is ripped to shreds by the time-space continuum.

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