And 12 Divided by Four is Three..

“Is solangelo really the illuminati?

The word solangelo has 9 letters in it. You know what other word has 9 letters in it? Acclaimed. J. K Rowling is an acclaimed author. John Green is also an author. John has a brother named Hank. Hank Green talks about science. The word science has 7 letters. A polygon has 7 sides. A polygon is a shape. A triangle is also a shape. There are 3 sides to a triangle. Tri. Tri wizard tournament. There were 4 competitors in the Tri wizard tournament. The word Tri has three letters. A triangle has three sides. The illuminati has 3 sides. Solangelo is illuminati confirmed.”

And here we go. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Steph, (it took me a while) Solangelo is the demigods fandom name for Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace. Illuminati….


Even more dramatic/drastic than 12/4=3=sides on a triangle=illuminati=



Sorry, had to do that again. One more thing to show ya: (and after you read this, Steph, you’d better write a post or I will blow up the earth five minutes early)


As offensive as that might be to any poets out there, it’s funny. And if you can’t see the funny side of it, then you might consider totally abandoning your work as a poet so this kid (Doug, from the book Okay For Now) doesn’t insult you any longer.

That’s all I have for today. Yeah. Keep Calm. Drink lemonade. Insult poets, join illuminati, bye.




2 thoughts on “And 12 Divided by Four is Three..

  1. Stephanie Hils

    Lol. 14 is close to 12. 12 divided by 4 is 3. There are three sides on a triangle. A triangle is Illuminati. Illuminati CONFIRMED! XD Also thanks for telling me cuz I had no clue what Solangelo was. You’ll blow up the earth five minutes early? I should probably do something about that. And yes, I will write a post. So chill! (Keep calm, remember?) But ya.

    1. Daniela Paris Post author

      Fine, okay, I will- chill, I mean. Thanks. Comment on ur post tom. I mean today. When I’m awake again. (yeah, it’s 12:20 something am and I’m replying to a blog post comment. so?)

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