School (sort of)

Sup It’s Steph! So i know school is boring and all which is why I wouldn’t talk about just school. This is sort of about school-related things, i guess I should say. But you people already know that I’m technically a 7th grader, even though school hasn’t started. Since we are now in 7th grade, we get electives. Woo! You were supposed to (online) put your fall and spring first choice and the your second choice for each, unless you are doing a yearlong one, like Daniela is doing band. So, I’m pretty sure I’m doing Drama and French because those were my first choices and I filled that out like a day after they sent it out. Also, our principal sent an email which was mostly about teachers and I read it yesterday. I was sad because the 7th (and 8th) grade writing teacher left and she was pretty cool. Daniela, Kaitlyn, and I did a thing after school where you write a book and submit or something with her. (I TOTALLY didn’t finish, but I was gonna do it again this year. Apparently the reading teacher wasn’t full time before, but now she is because the writing teacher went back to public schools. But now two teachers split reading and writing fr 7th and 8th grade. Oh, our drama teacher left (she was cool, again we 3 amigos did a thing with her) so I don’t know who’s doing the drama elective now. Anywho, let me tell you about our teachers and homerooms. I don’t know who’s homeroom I will be in yet, but I want the reading teacher for homeroom. People say she’s fun and cool and I know that’s true. Actually, I’m not gonna talk any more about the teachers, just in case. We have a teacher for each subject- reading, writing, social studies, science, religion, and math. I mean, there are a couple of different math teachers, for different levels, but you know what I meant, right? Then there is Spanish, Health, P.E., and your elective. Also, I’m probably going to do cross country this year, well I think I am going to. I’ve been practicing because they give you a sheet and stuff. Oh, it’s gonna be so bad because we are gonna have to where our uniforms every day. Ugh. But that’s it. See ya later, dudes!
-Steph <3 (dreamergirl123)

2 thoughts on “School (sort of)

  1. Daniela Paris

    ugh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….uuuuuuuniiiiiifooormmmms.
    ugh..but hey, at least i won’t be alone in cross counrty, steph. Kristen told me she might not be doing it.

  2. Stephanie Hils Post author

    I know soooo bad. Really? She might not? huh. well i think janie is too. also your sorta not alone but we are in different groups.

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