Look. At. This.

And by this, I mean the featured image. In case you didn’t have the time to get an eyeful of it, here are some directions:

1. Scroll up on this page until you find the words at the top that say The Lemonade Stand.

2. Click.

3. Scroll down until you see this post.


5. Instead, admire the amazing featured pic that was created by the hands of yours truly, me.

I have FINALLY learned how to make awesome pics more or less like the ones hipster tumblrs post. Like this one:


Well, not quite as good as this one, but close enough. And while I’m on the topic of hipster, let me just say that it seems a pretty cool subculture. Their habit of abandoning all fan-like possessions relating to a band once that band is heard on the radio does seem a little weird though. But I admire their witty sarcastic remarks.

person at the movie theater to hipster: Woah! Did you see that?!

hipster: No, I paid 12.50 to stare at the ceiling for 2 hours.

And the glasses are cool, too. And the green-save-the-world-animals-too also. And all that. Yeah. And..that’s all I really have to say. Yeah. Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Wear hipster glasses (although I don’t actually own any). Bye-

(yay) Daniela


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