A story

“Let go of me!” she screams as the man jumps her. I run to catch up with him. “Now, young lady you are not going to say a word more” he says with his hands over her mouth, “and I won’t mind if I have to gag you.” Even though he took of his black hat, he’s just covered in black, neck to toe. I squat down behind a trash can, about 10 feet away from them. “I have a feeling you will take the option to make this easy yes?” Silence. Then she nods, not daring to speak a word. “Where is it?” “Please, I don’t know wha” “I’m gonna ask you one more time” he cuts in. “Where is the money?” She stays still for a moment thinking. “The money… the money is in” “Stop” I say firmly. It’s my turn to cut in. Immediately, he sees me and drops her. “Randy… but you were dead” he says staring at me. “Not such a great welcome, brother.”

Aww,snap! I know it’s kind of short, but it’s still pretty good, right? Tell me if you want me to try to continue this story or start another. That’s all. See ya later, dudes!
-Steph <3 (dreamergirl123)

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