Story #1

“Where am I?”
A girl, around my age, poofy blondish hair and beautiful and a strange numbness in my right hand. She stares at me, and it takes me a little more than my usual fraction of a second to regain my usual charisma.
She shakes her head, “Who are you? If you..err..know…”
“Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head, thanks for asking, darling, I know who I am. Oh, I most definitely know who I am, and I am not your average 16 year old guy. Get ready girl, you ain’t never gonna see a bad boy like me again.”
She wrinkles her nose. Maybe tone it down a bit? I grin at her anyway.
“And yeah, at the moment I’m not at my best, I admit that. I know who I am, but the where…That’s a whole different matter. See, last thing I remember was me, in a fight with Mademoiselle Aiden of Losertown, and next thing I know I wake up on an empty train with a briefcase handcuffed to my arm and you, hotshot, sitting next to me and cuffed to the same briefcase. Mind telling me what you’re doin’ here?”
She glares at me, “I know just as much as you, jerkface. For all I know you kidnapped me and the briefcase thing is just some sort of restraint to make sure I don’t get away from-“
“Get UP.” a gruff voice from behind us yells.
The girl and I turn at the same time, in the wrong directions, so our arms end up all twisted and I barely suppress a yell from making its way out of my mouth.
“No, turn that, way, honey.”
“Stop calling me that! If you just-“
A soft laugh interrupts her. “I think you have bigger problems, kids. I highly suggest you figure it out and turn around. Now. I might just be a little impatient today.”
Slowly, we figure it out and turn around. The girl stumbles backwards, pulling me back with her.
A gun is being pointed at us.


Yup, that and more happened to me in the days I didn’t post. I’m the girl. Totally. Just writing about my terrible experience from the viewpoint of the guy. You’ll find out who he is soon. Will continue in later post. Comment, dad or steph (or kat?) with name suggestions. I have no idea yet.

Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Bye-

(hope you like) Daniela

ps- And yes, I know, Story #1 is a horrible title.




2 thoughts on “Story #1

  1. Stephanie Hils

    Hmm name suggestions… Butch for the guy with gun, umm idk for others. Ashley? dunno
    good job tho i like it

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