Briefcase in Hand, chapter 2

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A smile curves up the man’s face. It does not seem to fit on the face of the man who is pointing a gun at us.
“Come on.” he turns around and starts walking at a brisk pace towards the door at the end of the train car, seemingly certain that we will follow.
We walk through countless train cars, all empty. My leg is starting to hurt from the heavy briefcase banging into it as I walk, but I decide that if I say anything the man will shoot me and I will die. I study the man as he leads us to the back of the train.
He’s wearing a black suit complete with the cologne smell and the sleek black shined shoes and to be honest, I would mind it less if he were wearing a ninja suit and carrying nunchucks. The briefcase in between the hands of the girl and me would look more natural in his hands than ours to passerby, if there were any. But there aren’t, the train is completely deserted.
I sneak a glance at the girl who walks a foot or two ahead of me, walking at the same brisk pace as the man and frankly tugging me along. She stops for a second to look back at me, catching me staring. A glare comes soon after, and I wince. Now is not the time to flirt. No, definitely not. I offer her an apologetic glance and keep walking.
Finally the man stops. We’ve just entered into a new train car. He turns around and spreads his arms wide, smiling.
We stare at him. He frowns and starts to speak slowly, enunciating each. and. every. word. like he’s talking to an exchange student from Brazil.
“When I speak to you, you listen, and you respond. Understood? Good. Now let’s try that again.” he snarls, turning around for five seconds then turning back to face us, arms outstretched again. “Hello.”
The girl and I reply in sync. “Hello.”
I can feel her eyes on me for a second before the man continues, now back to smiling. “Yes, hello. Now, I’ll be leaving you two here, alone. Here are the rules: No trying to get out. No banging on the walls or making a fuss or doing anything at all that might be disturbing. No hurting yourselves or each other.” he lists, then walks closer to us, gun held loosely in his right hand. “Break any of these rules and I swear I will hurt both of you, regardless of who broke the rule. Now, stay.”
He throws the gun into the air carelessly as he walks out, catching it just as he reaches the door and pushes it open. I hear him lock it, then footsteps, then nothing.
The girl collapses to the floor with a groan, pulling me down with her.


Okay, just gonna stop there…so I still haven’t figured out the character names. Don’t worry, I’ll get there. Anything else I’m gonna say?, not really…I’ll just end here then. Keep Calm. Drink lemonade. Bye-

(speechless, for once) Daniela

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