4th of July Fireworks (& other stuff)

Hey It’s Steph! I’m back! Not that I really went anywhere! Like Canada! I dunno what up with that exclamation. Anywho, it’s July 13th. Happy Birthday! Think about it. It’s gotta be someone’s birthday somewhere. If it’s not your bday, happy day! (O happy day! He washed my sins away! O happy daaay. O happy daay.) But ya. It’s july 13th, and I owe you a post. Because I had stuff to talk about but haven’t posted yet. Happy late 4th of July! So, basically, I was confused. “But Steph, what does that have to do with fireworks?” you say. Trust me, I’m gonna tell ya. So hold ALL your horses. I really don’t get that though. Like, barely anyone has horses. So just say hold on! But then SOMEONE cough, cough, my dad, is standing next to me and grabs the counter and says “ok, I’m holding on.” No, seriously he does that sometimes! I just had to say that. Anywho, I was confused because we were seeing fireworks on the THIRD of July. Confusing, right? And then my mom said that it’s because they can’t have all the firework shows on one day because then some people won’t go to this one but they will go to that one or whatever. But that’s stupid. If people don’t come, people don’t come. Deal with it. So ya. We saw fireworks the night of July 3rd, for the 4th of July. They were pretty cool. I took a lot of pics so now I gotta choose some. I’ll just be a moment…
Ok. Here are fireworks.
image (18)

image (19)

image (20)

image (21)

image (22)

image (23)

And then, the finale! *trumpet plays*
image (24)

image (25)
By the way, if anyone wants to see more fireworks, just ask because I have loads more pictures.
After it ended, we went to Sweet Spoons which is a good Fro-yo place near where we live. It tasted delicious! That’s how that was. Now, the next day it was the 4th of July! Yay!
american flag

So, in the evening/night, I did stuff with my neighbors. (This year only the people on our left. One of them is my friend.) First, we did poppers which are these tiny things you through on the ground and it pops (Shocking). They had a bunch so that was fun. We tried throughing a couple down the drain, but I don’t think they worked. Later, we came back out and did sparklers, which is basically a stick where part of it burns and well sparkles. You can hold it hold and run around or write your name (it disappears, obviously). Stuff like that. But they’re cool.
image (26)

Then we did the fireworks. There were small and large ones.
image (28)

image (29)

image (30)

image (31)

image (32)

image (33)

Once we went back inside, My family and I ate this desert my mom made there’s brownie on the bottom and on top it’s full of whipped cream and blueberries and strawberries. Yum! That’s all, though. See ya later, dudes!
-Steph <3 (dreamergirl123)

2 thoughts on “4th of July Fireworks (& other stuff)

  1. Daniela Paris

    Sounds yummy. cool fireworks pics. and who says u cant hav fireworks on the 3rd of july?…who says you can’t have fireworks on new years? which I do have, thank you very much. and as for the hold your horses thing:
    “In Book 23 of “The Iliad”, Homer writes “Hold your horses!” when referring to Antilochus driving like a maniac in a chariot race that Achilles initiates in the funeral games for Patroclus.”
    got it from pedia. ya, don’t understand much either.

    1. Daniela's Dad

      Nooooo… Have you really read “The Iliad”??? *All* of it, not just a summary somewhere? I did (a long time ago), and it is pretty cool. I also read what in modern times (not ancient, Greek times) would be considered as the “sequel” to “The Iliad”, which is called “The Odyssey”. It about Ulysses’ journey home after the fall of Troy in The Iliad.

      Pretty nice summary of July 4th activities, Steph.

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