To Stephanie and Kaitlyn

Fact #1: I’m back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fact #2: I haven’t posted in a while (oops).

Fact #3: Kaitlyn posted her fist post!!! The three amigos are back in business once again!

Fact #4: Same as number 2.

I’ll just skip to today because I want this post to be short. This annoying little window keeps popping up asking me for some password to a login keyring that I don’t know anything in the least about and it is really testing my patience. Grr.

What was I going to talk about? Oh yes, Kaitlyn and Stephanie, if you’re reading this, (and hopefully you are) I want to start a story creation thingiemajigster.

I know, I know, not my most professional moment, but whatever.

This is what I mean, guys: I know for sure that one day we’re going to run outta things to write about for the lemonade stand, and when that fateful day comes…. (as it already has for me)

All I can say is…the end of The Lemonade Stand as we know it. We will be taken into a whole new age! The gods will bow down to us! Only the stars will shine as brightly as we will! The start of a whole new empire will awaken with the next dawn of-

Oh. Ahem, sorry. Ha. *laughs nervously* I…got mixed up. Sorry. I should…save that..for later…heh heh…what I meant to say was that we could do an ongoing story creation thing. For example, I would start a story and leave it at a certain point in a post and then someone else (tuber or steph) would continue it and so on until we decide to start a new one. What do you think, guys? Leave a comment (sure, you leave a comment too, dad). I think this’d be fun. And who doesn’t like being cruel to fake people and then giving them (sometimes) happy endings?

Anyway. Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Bye-

(annoying little pop-up window problem solved and finally at rest) Daniela





10 thoughts on “To Stephanie and Kaitlyn

  1. Daniela's Dad

    Okay, since you asked for a comment, I will write about very random things so this comment will seem strange…

    Fact #5: You’re very welcome I fixed the annoying window problem.

    Can there be four amigos instead of three? If yes, can I be the fourth amigo?

    There will always be things to write about for the Lemonade Stand. You girls might be “idea-dry” or uninspired or bored or without appetite for writing for a few days, but you will always come back.

    Fact #6: I want to finally read and see published that book you are writing.

    1. Stephanie Hils

      Well I can answer your question- no, sorry there are only three amigos. Not just because it’s our thing, but also 4 amigos doesn’t work. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. And if we were standing together it would be even so there wouldn’t be a middle! That’s my answer. I like what your saying about how we will always get more ideas. Also, your write. She needs to publish it. Wait, which book would that be? Doesn’t matter. I really need to write more… Anywho, I like the idea Dip, the story thing. But I’m not sure cuz it wouldn’t be real and blogs are usually real. Wow, I’ve never made such a long comment. But ya.

    1. Daniela Paris Post author

      Okay, not waiting for kat to answer (sorry) cuz I just really want to do this. and thaaaankkksss for answering my dad. I really didn’t knw how to answer that.

    1. Daniela Paris Post author

      oh yeah. sorry, it’s this setting thing I turned on. So if you’re account doesn’t have a picture, the site automatically gives you a random avatar to use in the comments. Let me switch it to a cooler one…

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