I am finished. Finished, I tell you, with Canada (literally, we left yesterday.)

I haven’t posted in a few days, and since right now I’m posting on the fly, I won’t have any actual pictures (sorry, dad). Will add some later.

So….Canada day (I just had to put this pic in the post; I think it’s gorgeous).


Canada day, for those of you who don’t know or are too lazy to look it up, (don’t worry, sometimes I’m one of those people too) is basically like 4th of July. It’s a holiday to celebrate..oh, never mind. You get it.

We went to Vancouver to watch the parade and the fireworks (which were, by the way, amazing). The parade was long and you wouldn’t believe the people. (unless you’ve been in NYC on New Year’s eve, a little less that that.

That was before yesterday, and yesterday we went to a lake before driving back to Seattle (which somehow reminds me of Back to the Future, a movie that you should totally watch. They thought there’d be flying cars and skateboard in 2015)

And then there’s today. We went hiking again, so I can add that to the running log I’m supposed to fill in for next year’s cross country but have somehow managed to evade for the past month or so (sorry Mr. Nelson((band/health teacher/CC coach))) The image on top of the name of this post (before you clicked on it) is a view of Mount Rainier. We could see it from where we hiked and I was all like, “snow!!!” There were some beautiful views, but I can’t get the pictures up thanks to the one…the only…Dad!!!! He said I could use the computer when we got back from hiking today to post, but noooooooo, now he needs it to install some program he’s designed to save water or something concerning the sprinklers back at home- it’s something about how if they get turned on at midnight they keep sprinkling forever. So now I’m posting on my grandfather’s computer (yes, they’re here too, didn’t I tell you?) and I don’t know how to get the pictures.

Thanks, dad. (sorry, I just had to tell someone about my injustice)

Something I will do when I get ahold of my dad’s computer: put in a picture of my brother lying on the ground and covered with soot and dirt. He looked like the always dirty dude from Peanuts.

Now that I’ve updated you on my current status: something else to talk about? Not really…uh…school starts in a month or so? I still have a bajillion or so things to do on my summer bucket list?

I tried. That’s what counts, right? That’s all I have to say today. Nothing of much interest. Pictures not up yet. Keep calm. Drink lemonade. Find pictures.  Bye-

(bored) Daniela


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  1. Stephanie Hils

    Ya, you totally needed to tell me about the injustice. Seriously. Not fair! (Then of course, some adult says “Life isn’t fair”. Whatever.)

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