Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Hey guys it’s Steph, and I wanna say happy thanksgiving! I know it already happened and in the Christmas spirit and stuff, but still! Or in that case, Merry Christmas! Anyway, I’m gonna tell you where I went to thanksgiving and what we did. When I feel like it.
So the firts day we got there was Wednesday. We arrived at 6:30ish in Cincinnati, which is in Kentucky/Ohio. Well, I’m not sure if we were actually in the city or if we were in a town close to it, but whatever. So we went to golden coral, which is a big buffet restaurant thing and met our family there. And by family i mean extended cuz every other year we go to Cincinnati to have a sort of reunion thing. Also I’m no longer typing the way-the-want-us-to way because it’s just taking to long. Anywho, we got to golden coral late because it was at 5 but we left a little late in the morning when we started driving over there. So we go there and hugged people and stuff and then we sat down. So we start talking blah blah blah then after a little while we get food, well i don;t think it was that long before we actually starting eating. So yeah, that happened. Then some people left and at the end, we left. Well obviously. What I mean is we weren’t some people that left before the rest of the people left. Ya feel? whatever, so we went to our hotel which was a Hampton and chilled. Anyway, next day is Thanksgiving. We went to this breakfast place at like 10, with some relatives obviously, just the grandparents, 3 other people in a family, and us. I know I’m probably not explaining this amazingly, but I haven’t even gotten through a whole day. Well technically I did, cuz we drove like 8 hours Wednesday, but whatever. So we got breakfast, it was good I had pancakes with bacon and hot chocolate AND I DON’T CARE THAT THAT”S A RUNON, ok? anywho, it was delicious and of course some talking and we colored lol. That’s funny because it was me, my sister who’s 17 and my cousin (female) who’s out of college coloring. I mean it’s not that funny- there weren’t little kids at this part but yeah. Then we left, after spending like 15 minutes trying to figure out where we were gonna go/ what we were gonna do. Ok that’s enough for now! I don’t wanna type anymore right now, so I guess there will be a part 2. Merry Christmas! (yeah, sadly it’s not December yet even tho yesterday I thought today was Dec. 1st lol)
See ya later dudes!
-Steph <3 🙂

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