My life as a teenage mutant ninja turtle

Good day everyone! And now u are confused cuz one i said i would always keep mi opening words and two do you even youtube? The answer is no. Anyway..
Hey guys, It’s Steph! How ya doin? Good? Good. So I would like that say that I too am part of the Tobias Fan club and would be happy to provide an interview if need be. (cough, cough, sound familiar?) And no, there’s not actually a Tobias Fan CLub but there should be cuz he’s bae and yes i just used that word. ‘Eight? if that’s even how you spell…
Anywho, lets do some fan like things now.
tobias quote
PREACH! And he is just so amazing! <3 Also:


Suddenly, pineapples.
It’s so kawaii! <3 And if you don’t know what that means, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?
Are you coffee, because I like you a LATTE! 🙂
Ok there you are. My whole life. (Relax, I’m kidding!) Umm what else should I say. Oh.
I am not kosher.
Now, for the big 5000 dollars, will anyone guess what I just quoted and what I quoted before???
Umm peace out!
If you don’t even youtube, you’re whole life is a lie. SO just go die in a hole. (Warning: Do not just any of these things I say. They are not meant to be taken seriously.
Ok, now bye for real. I have less than half an hour until I have to go watch Agent of SHIELD.
See ya later, dudes!
-Steph <3
PS I know this post was very random, but that’s just life. Also these two sentences are being typed the weird way, so it’s taking longer.

3 thoughts on “My life as a teenage mutant ninja turtle

  1. Daniela Paris

    Oh dear. Lossa craziness.
    And my first thought when I saw the pinapple:
    And big bad.
    And lol, yes I agree that tobias is awesome. Also, what does this ‘ave to do with ninja turtles?
    (oh, it’s ‘aight. or ‘ight. or something like that)
    LOL 😀

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