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Hey guys It’s Steph! And don’t care how many or who is reading this, I will always start like that. Except not usually for stories. Same difference. I just realized that these can’t go into the category of Summer 2015 anymore… so we need a new one (AHEM.. dip you need to make one). Anywho, (still love that word <3) yesterday was our first day of school- 7th grade, like Daniela said in post. It actually wasn’t that bad, because we didn’t do like any work and also we have good teachers (6 main ones). It was sorta fun. This year we just have lunch and no recess, but we have study halls on Thursdays. Not much else to say about the first day. Of course it was annoying ’cause I had to go back to school, but at least I can see my friends every day. So ya. Today was a little different, ’cause we had to do some work in most classes. Also, we had study hall and that was not that bad, but we just got to work and couldn’t really talk. At least that is, for my homeroom, but it might be different for the other 2. Oh, we had Spanish yesterday so that’s pretty cool, even though she was just talking to us and stuff. Also, we have our elective at the end of each day and I have drama for the first half of the year. But, they had a problem with and elective “Ring and Sing”, I think it was called. But, there wasn’t enough people and most of the people in it never wanted to do it and sorta got stuck in it, except for one girl (cough cough our friend Dee LOL). These two electives were/are being run by the same teacher this year, so basically all of us drama people just had to wait while they tried to figure it out and switch electives and such. Then we went to the drama room and moved stuff to like closet-things wear insulation and stuff is. Then we were doing that and were late. School was over. So we actually haven’t done any drama; we don’t have electives on Thursdays. But ya. That’s what happened yesterday, in drama. By the way, Kaitlyn is in drama, the person who’s only posted ONE post, AHEM! Lol. But ya. That’s all I’m gonna say about school. Recently, like 4 days ago, I started hanging out on this website, , which is awesome by the way! Basically, people can post poems, story books, and like chapter books (by each chapter) and/or read other people’s ones. I do both. Daniela mentioned the website in a post, the one before her last I think, and left like a link. I will put the URL right here and then you just right click and pick the “Go to …” option. Then you can go on page, and other people’s obviously too.
That should work. If it doesn’t, you can just search that username to find me and my stuff. But it’s a cool website that I totally love! Also, I wrote the first chapter of something but it’s still in moderation, so to get to it you can use this.
That’s about it. Storybird is super cool!!
See ya later, dudes!
-Steph <3 (dreamergirl123)

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  1. Daniela Paris

    So you DID notice the categories! Lol for the first few posts i was having to go into your posts and change the category to summer 2015. Yeah. What do I make it…Fall 2015? Yeah. Okay. But isn’t there the option for you 2 to click add new category? Or is that just my account? I dunno. whatev. And you didn’t tell me about that electives thing..o well. oh and ya I saw your account. Cool poems. Don’t you hate moderation?

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