Get Ready

Dang, I should have posted that on the day before the first day of school. Like the pic? I really don’t know why I put the cat eyes there. I guess I thought they’d make it more…menacing?
*Cringes* Ugh, past me of two minutes ago.
Still like it, though. So it’s just me right now on the blog, Stephanie is off in Maryland with her family and Kaitlyn, I don’t think is going to post something unless she abandons all after-school activities or I hack into her account (unless she’s reading this, if you are, Kat, then SAY SOMETHING).
Who I really mean this post to be for is you, Stephanie, and maybe you too, Kaitlyn.
There comes a time in every middle-schooler’s life when they are faced with the choice between doing a school sport or being done with homework before 6PM. I chose to do a sport (cross-country) which I also did last year.
As did Stephanie and Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn, by the way, you did really good 2day in cross country). Only difference, they didn’t do it last year. And I’m here to tell you

4 thoughts on “Get Ready

  1. Stephanie

    I know right! KAITLYN, post!!! Ok. Yah, it’s annoying with hw. WOW rude much? XD Get ready? Is there like a bomb or something?

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