Briefcase In Hand ch 5- Zachary’s POV

I jumped out a window today, Mom.
I woke up on a train today chained to a briefcase chained to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, Mom, and she’s amazing.
She jumped out of a window with me because I told her to, and she’s hurt, Mom. She’s hurt, Mom, and it’s my fault.
There’s blood, Mom, and no one to help, and no food and no shelter and no water and no help. We’re all alone, Mom. There’s no one here and nothing I can see for miles and Mom, she’s hurt. She’s hurt bad.
And Mom, I need help. Help me. Please help me, Mom.
In case you’re confused, this IS in Zachary’s view, just not the normal narrative you’re used to. It sort of shows what Zachary’s thinking/what’s going on in his head. It’s pretty short as I’m sure you’ve noticed, due to the fact that 1) I was bored and 2) I was lazy. Hope that’s enough for you. Something else: I finally made myself a cover image. Hope it’s not too bad. Just a FYI: the actual pic is made by Shishir_naik, that’s an account name on Storybird. I’m also writing the story there, if you wanna take a look, this is my account pg:
just highlight in w/ your mouse and right click on it and hit open link in new tab in the little pop up menu or whatev, but I bet you know how to do that already. Yeah. Keep Calm. Drink lemonade. Bye-
(annoyed that school starts on Wed.) Daniela

2 thoughts on “Briefcase In Hand ch 5- Zachary’s POV

  1. Stephanie Hils

    Cool I like how it’s in his head or whatever. Is his mom dead or something? Or is he not talking to his mom at all? I will look at storybird thing right now.

    1. Daniela Paris Post author

      ya, she is, but i guess you’re not supposed to know that so…just pretend you don’t. and ya i saw ur storybird account cool poems and ps I added u as an “in real life connection” (i had to verify by typing in ur email LOL) so if you write something I don’t have to wait a few weeks for them to look at it and approve it.

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