A Story Continued (Part 3)

Mark gives me a sly grin, like he’s just remembered what he was doing. “You are are so stupid” I say as I jog past him toward the commotion. Why does he do this stuff? I just don’t get it. When is it gonna end? “Hopefully soon” I mutter under my breath. I turn my head back and see that he’s coming up after me. He still has that stupid smile on his face, and I wish I could punch him for it. For what he was doing to that woman. For whatever he had going on with that explosion. For all these things that he’s already done and that’s he going to do. Really, maybe I should punch him, and hard too. I shake my head. I won’t hurt him because 1, I’m one of the good guys and 2, he’s my brother. Mostly number one. He catches up to me, and finally the grin has been wiped off his face. I look at him, straight in the eyes, and ask “What have you done? What’s happening?” I see recognition cross his face as he remembers something. “You were dead. You are dead. But you’re here…” he looks down and shakes his head. “Listen, I already told you I never died” I reply impatiently. “Besides, I need to figure out what the heck is going on here. Will you just tell me already?” I look around at the array of buildings and see smoke hidden behind some. I start picking up the pace, briskly walking towards the fog and steam. We’ve been standing here and I realize he might just be stalling. “I can’t do that, Randy.” he says walking with me. I look at him, thinking that didn’t seem like him, those four words. I spot something in his ear. It’s a freakin’ earpiece. “Who’s that you’re listening to, huh?” I ask angrily. No answer. We’ve arrived at the smoke. “Oh my God” I mutter. There’s a dead body on the floor. She’s a woman, fairly young and I know that I’ve seen her somewhere. Then it hits me. “Did you kill her?”

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